The Funkiest Band in Atlanta

We do our best to keep it funky. Anyone from Atlanta knows that we got that stank on those chords and that fat bass breaks up marriages. Whether you catch a show at Terminal West, Smith's Olde Bar, or the Tabernacle, Atlanta welcomes plenty of funky bands to help bring the James Brown spirit back to life. 

Dr. Strangelove is coming for the crown. Our debut album, Potions, is due this spring. It's our eclectic debut with plenty of slimy riffs, prog chugs, and of course, dat funk. Bootsy hit us up last week and said, "Aye baby, keep it on the one, baby." Check out some of our funkiest tracks, including Potions or Sharon's Anthem. 

We'll be going on tour, so make sure to stay on top of all our dates! Keep it funky and as always, #StayStrange.