The Best Atlanta Music Venues

Atlanta is one of the most underrated cities to see live music. Although Nashville boasts about their live scene, Atlanta offers the most diverse selection of venues to cater to every genre and subgenre of music. Whether you want to see a jazz, classical, rock, funk, country, EDM, or rap show, Atlanta has venues big and small to showcase great music. 

Learn more about some of the most popular venues to see the biggest touring acts and some local hot spots to catch uprising talent accompanied with a $3 dollar PBR and a vegan girl who won't stop talking about her love for gardening. We get it, you like organic tomatoes. Ok, let's get to it. 

The Tabernacle



An extraordinary venue that once was an old baptist church, the Tabernacle is spectacular. It is the perfect size venue with a formidable floor section and two upper levels with comfy seating. The architecture is perfectly designed for glorious acoustics. Elvis Costello once sang a song acapella without a microphone and everyone could hear him just fine. It's also great because no matter where you are standing, you have a good shot of the stage (unless you're 5'2 and in which case, bring a friend with some broad shoulders to sit on). This venue is reserved for bigger acts but still sells their tickets for fair prices. Get your church on and catch a show at the Tabby.

Terminal West


Terminal West is a relatively new venue located in West Midtown. It's a step down in size from the Tabernacle but features great touring acts. The floor section is quite large and offers great visibility for your favorite artists. There is also a small 2nd floor if you want to feel like a Roman emperor at a Coliseum. The venue has two highly accessible bars featuring great micro brews and top shelf liquor. Also, there is a great smoking section next to some train tracks. 



This is a local favorite. This dingy, dive bar is about as tiny as a hipster's microhouse (stop trying to be environmental heroes everybody). It has a little patio with a back window to order drinks from the bar. The inside of the venue is basically a bar with some stools, two bathrooms, a single booth, and a tiny stage and floor. The room doesn't hold more than 70 people but it's an amazingly intimate venue. They book fantastic punk, indie, and alt-rock bands. It's a great spot to wander to in East Atlanta Village when you are a little drunk and ready to keep the good times going. Who knows, maybe you'll meet your future wife with a septum piercing or maybe a hubby with a moustache with an excessive amount of wax in it.